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We’re a local coffee roaster in Dawsonville, GA, crankin’ out some great coffee for anyone who’s looking to make their day better. Why is coffee gonna make your day better? Because…that’s what great coffee does.

I’m Doug and I started off as an avid coffee fan who found any excuse to seek out specialty coffee with my friends. Now I’m roasting & brewing coffee for a living & I’m still doing it with my friends.

We do coffee because we love coffee, & we love people. Because Coffee was created by a group of friends who are psyched about great coffee & all actively involved in projects that are helping people all around the world.

If you are searching for coffee near me then you are in luck! Whether you’re around the corner or across the country we can ship our coffee to your door, fast.

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Why Partner With Us With Wholesale Coffee?

Because we’ll be with you each step of the way.

We want to make specialty coffee accessible to you in your cafe, restaurant, business or office through coffee wholesaling. We’ll be there each step of the way to answer any questions, from which coffee is best for you to the best brewing methods. It’s our mission that you get the best quality cup of coffee for your business.

Because we care about each roast.

We know the quality & freshness of each cup is important to you, & that’s why we source specialty grade coffee & roast it to order.  You won’t find roasted coffee sitting around a warehouse for weeks waiting for orders to come in. You’ll get fresh, quality coffee when you want it.

Because we work with a network of specialty coffee importers.

Our suppliers, Coffee Co-Mission and Genuine Origin are direct market source importers, which means they search for direct relationships with growers and partner with them to ensure the highest quality from their farm to your business. You’ll have the option to choose coffees we are currently sourcing, or we can work with you to find your ideal coffee. 

Because we care about being good stewards of our environment.

We purchase coffee from importers who have a passion for organic and biodynamic farming methods and who educate, support and resource the farmers they work with.  The Coffee Co-Mission partners with Blue Marble Chemical who are dedicated to create products that are biodegradable and non-toxic. The quality of your coffee is directly affected by the quality of the soil it grew in. 

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