A smooth, mouthy coffee that pairs well with a rich dessert, reminiscent of milk chocolate & burnt sugar with a touch of papaya to brighten it up at the end.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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Flavor Notes

Bright, floral, strawberry, lemon with a hint of lime; sweet and clean

Roast Level

Medium Roast

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The Details

Trebolillos,Vera Cruz, Mexico
Typica, Catuai
1,250 m
Importer's notes
Imported by our friends at The Coffee Co-Mission. Owned by Alejandra Gama's family, the farm dates back to 1800, where her great-grandmother was in charge of its maintenance. In 1950, her grandfather Antonio Martínez Ruíz inherited the farm and bought "Coatepec", another farm they currently work in. Antonio exported most of the coffee to Germany, however, years later, her father decided to start selling the coffee in Mexico. In 2011, they converted nine hectares of land in order to produce organic coffee. In 2014, their organic coffee won 5th place in the cup of excellence, which encouraged her father to turn the rest of the farm into organic production. In 2016, they became familiar with biodynamic practices due to the Biodynamic Meeting of Mexico. Following this, in 2017 they started using biodynamic practices in the farm.  Veracruz is the first place in America where coffee was cultivated, thus, Coatepec obtained the denomination of origin in the 20th century. Coatepec’s coffee has been recognized as prime-quality all over the world, partly due to its ideal weather conditions (mild and foggy).