This coffee is solid. It balances the low-flying sweetness of a nutty chocolate with caramelized sugar. It’s smooth & comfortable… kinda like your favorite slippers.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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smooth, chocolate, caramelized sugar, mild brightness

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Medium Roast

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Northwest Cameroon
Oku Java
Importer's notes
Imported by our friends at The Coffee Co-Mission Deep in the Highlands of Western Cameroon, among seemingly endless chains of ancient volcanic peaks, lie a group of villages known as Boyo. Therein live farmers who cultivate, and in 9 months, harvest a high grade of coffee. This coffee has a rare and exotic flavor profile: full-bodied with herbal and floral complexities with hints of pepper. These farmlands are characterized by volcanic soil, high-altitudes, grown by small-holder farms, and contain no surrounding pollutants independent of chemicals. Its unique profile comes from the rich volcanic soil as well as the benefits of growing in a diversified crop environment. During harvest season, farmers work from the early morning hours, selecting just the optimally ripe fruit and carefully plucking them from the cluster of cherries. Harvested cherries are prepared depending on method: drying, pulping and drying, or pulping, fermenting, washing and drying. This preparation consists of dumping the harvest in a deep trough of water to remove floating debris, underdeveloped cherries, or insect-eaten cherries, leaving only cherries of uniform density and ripeness. The industrial complex consists of 10 pulping stations and 3 hulling stations located strategically within the coffee producing areas of the country. There are also two major plants located in the capital city of Bamenda that process green coffee beans for export.