Night Rider Blend

Support The Dawson County Composite Mountain Bike Team

Drink Coffee.
Get More Kids On Bikes.

The Dawson County Composite Mountain Bike Team was established in 2020 as an official team under the Georgia Cycling Association with the goal of getting more kids on bikes. Why? Because
cycling is a lifelong sport that develops the mind, body, & character. Biking brings families together, & in many cases, creates family for the 6th-12th grade student athletes. All proceeds go back to cover
the DCMTB team needs for equipment, supplies, & in some cases, financial assistance for riders. Drink coffee to keep yourself going & keep kids rolling!

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We created the Night Rider Blend to support the student athletes of the Dawson County Composite Mountain Bike Team. The Dawson County MTB brings people together & builds relationships, & so does a good cup of coffee. This rich & roasty coffee for the bike team reminds us of dark chocolate covered raisins & can stand on its own two feet, but it never minds holdin’ hands with a little cream & sugar (if that’s your thing).

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