Because Cure Blend

Let’s work together to help CURE find a cure!

Drink Coffee. Help Cure.

Every child is unique. That’s why CURE is dedicated to funding childhood cancer treatment research that meets the needs of children through personalized medicine. Community Cup & Because Coffee have partnered together to support CURE with a portion of the proceeds from this coffee. We all enjoy coffee for different reasons, but as you drink this coffee, let it remind you to send out some thoughts, prayers, & maybe even a note to a family who is dealing with childhood cancer. Let’s work together to help CURE find a cure!

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We’re stoked you’re supporting CURE, but we also want you to love the coffee you’re drinking. That’s why we chose to source a specific coffee we from a farmer that we personally know- Al Lopez from Finca Territo. This Honduran coffee hits the spot as an easy-drinking medium. The milk chocolate sweetness & black walnut earthy tones really stand out at first, but when it cools down a bit, some brighter tones shine through & remind us of a sweet orange. It’s a crowd pleaser for sure.

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