is coming.


Are you searching in hope of great coffee? It’s been said that “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick.” It is poetic but so true. Life has dealt you a foul mug of coffee at every turn. You’ve escaped the valley of bland chain shops only to wander the desert of empty k-cups.

Fret not, friends. There is hope!

Like fresh coffee poured into an empty mug, your heart’s desire will soon be filled, & we’ll be the ones to fill it!

I'm Doug.
I roast coffee.

Hi, I’m Doug Cole and I’m stoked to be your local coffee roaster!

I started off as an avid coffee fan who found any excuse to seek out specialty coffee with my friends. Now I’m roasting & brewing coffee for a living, & I’m still doing it with my friends.

Because Coffee will be opening its doors very soon! Right now we’re all staying busy roasting, building out the shop & making sure everything is perfect for ya’ll (aka “you guys” & sometimes “yinz”). During the short waiting period, we’re gonna hook ya up with some freebies. Check out the bottom of the page out to see what’s up.

If you need a regular reminder that hope is on the way to fill your mug, set your eyes on our social feeds. We’ll keep you posted on our progress, just hang in there!

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