Hario V60

Bright & clean

Stuff you need

  • Hario V60 + Filters
  • Water (500g boiling)
  • Coffee (30g medium-fine)
  • Scale (here is a scale we like to use)
  • Spoon
  • Timer (your phone works great)

How to brew it


  • Boil water 500g+
  • Place filter in V60, set on vessel & rinse filter w/hot water
  • Measure coffee 30g coffee (16:1 ratio water to coffee)
  • Grind coffee & add to filter (medium-fine)
  • Discard hot water from vessel
  • Place V60 on vessel & tare scale before brewing
  • Create divot (well) w/finger in center of coffee bed


  • 0:00  Start timer & pour 60g water (2x’s the weight of coffee)
  • 0:15  Swirl V60 several times until evenly mixed & allow to bloom
  • 0:45  Pour water for 30sec until scale measures 300g
  • 1:15  Pour water gently for 30sec until scale measures 500g
  • 1:45  Stir around edge of V60 w/spoon (1x clockwise & 1x counter)
  • 2:30  Allow V60 to drain a little & swirl V60 gently to mix slurry
  • 3:30  Brew should be finished around this time


  • Brew ratio is 16:1 (water to coffee)
  • 1 coffee scoop = 10g coffee
  • 1 tbsp = 5g coffee
  • 1 fluid oz = 30g
  • If brew time takes too long & coffee is bitter, try a coarser grind
  • Use as hot of water as possible, especially for lighter roasts
  • Buying freshly roasted coffee makes a difference, & whole bean is always a better choice than pre-ground coffee

Since you're here,
how about some coffee?