French Press Coffee

A simple brewing method for a richer, fuller, and consistent cup of coffee.

Stuff you need

French press
Water- 200F
Coffee- medium grind
Scale- 16:1 ratio (16g of water to 1g coffee)
Stirrer- wooden or plastic

How to do it


  • Rinse French press with hot water to warm the vessel, then empty water
  • Add coffee to French press, & tare scale (here is a scale we like to use)


  • 6:00 – minutes start timer, begin pouring water, wait until timer ends
  • 0:00 – minutes break crust with spoon, stirs, skim off & discard “froth”
  • 2:00 – minutes restart timer set press on top of carafe, but do NOT push down
  • 0:00 – minutes push down press & serve coffee
  • Pour extra coffee into another carafe to keep the coffee from over extracting


  • If your coffee is too intense, use a coarser grind &/or less coffee
  • If your coffee is too light, use a finer grind &/or more coffee
  • Depending on how you brew with your press, letting your coffee sit in the grounds may cause over extracted, bitter coffee. Pour your coffee out right away into another container. Or snag a press from us.
  • The water temp matters. If you have boiling water (212 degrees F) it can also cause bitter coffee. An ideal temp is 200 degrees F (45 sec off of boil)
  • Buying freshly roasted coffee makes a difference. Also, whole bean is always a better choice than pre-ground coffee.
  • Wanna watch a great video on brewing like this? Here’s a great one.

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