Cold Brew

Cold coffee has been good since 2005

Stuff you need

Cold brew bag (we use Madesco)
Water – filtered is best
Coffee – medium coarse ground
Scale – 4:1 water to coffee ratio
Half-gallon/one-gallon pitcher or french press (if using a french press you will not need a cold brew bag. Here’s a french press we like to use)

How to brew it


  • Boil Madesco bag for 5 minutes before using the first time (this sanitizes and tightens fibers of the bag)
  • Measure out coffee: these cold brew coffee ratios create a concentrate
  • Single batch – 3.5 oz/100g (1 cup of coffee)
  • Double batch – 7oz/200g (2 cups of coffee)
  • Grind to medium coarse consistency
  • Add coffee to bag & place in pitcher
  • Measure water
  • Single batch – 32 oz/907g (4 cups of water)
  • Double batch – 64oz/1814g (8 cups of water)
  • Pour water slowly into cold brew bag with grinds (or french press)
  • Thoroughly saturate grinds in bag. Use a serving spoons to stir grinds for better saturation


  • Pull drawstrings tight & place them outside of pitcher/french press
  • Place lid on. Be sure drawstrings are secure to keep the opening of the bag from going under water and spilling out grinds
  • Place pitcher/french press of cold brew in fridge & let it brew for 24 hours
  • After 24 hours, pull out coffee bag & place in strainer over a bowl to let it drain
  • Let it drain for 5-10 minutes to get out the rest of the concentrate then add to pitcher
  • Pour over ice & enjoy!


  • Depending on how strong you like it, you can dilute your concentrate using purified water using a 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 cold brew to water ratio
  • Be careful about grinding coffee too fine or it will be bitter
  • Fresh coffee beans do make a difference. Here’s one of our favorites for cold brew

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