coffee pot.

A great everyday coffee brewing method.

Stuff you need

A standard coffee maker (our favorite is the Bonavita 8-cup One-touch Coffee Maker that features a bloom setting)
A coffee filter
Coffee – medium grind
Your favorite mug

How to do it


  • Measure coffee (15:1 water to coffee ratio) or 2 tablespoons per 5oz cup of coffee (that’s what a “cup” is equal to according to standard coffee pots)
  • Grind coffee to medium
  • Add desired amount of water to reservoir
  • Rinse filter with hot tap water
  • Add coffee to brew basket


  • Turn machine on
  • If carafe sits on a hot plate, turn off hot plate or machine once done brewing (this keeps coffee from scorching)
  • Pour coffee into insulated carafe if desired


  • Evenly pour hot water over grounds before brewing & allow coffee to bloom
  • Add more coffee to filter if brew is too light
  • A standard cup of coffee is 5oz according to the measurements on most drip coffee pots
  • A tablespoon is equal to 5g of coffee & a coffee scoop is equal to 2 tablespoons (10g coffee)
  • Don’t forget to clean your machine regularly as coffee residue, hard water buildup and even bacteria (gross) can affect the taste of your coffee. You’ll find a great tutorial here
  • The beans do make a difference! Buying your coffee whole bean is always better than pre-ground coffee. Grind your beans at home if you want the best flavorful cup for your home coffee brewing.

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