Brewing coffee + science = what pourover dreams are made of

Chemex brewing essentials

  • Chemex + Filter
  • Water – 200F
  • Coffee – medium-coarse ground
  • Scale – 16:1 ratio (water to coffee)
  • Stirrer – wooden or plastic
  • Timer

How to brew it


  • Set filter in Chemex with 3-fold side lined up with Chemex spout
  • Rinse filter with hot water, pour water out
  • Add coffee to Chemex, & tare scale
  • Start timer when ready


  • 5:00 Evenly pour enough water for bloom (2x’s the amount coffee grounds), stir towards middle a few times, & wait. For optimum control over your pour, we recommend a gooseneck kettle
  • 4:15 Pour 200g water in circular motion, then middle of coffee bed
  • 3:45 Repeat
  • 3:15 Repeat
  • 2:30 Pour rest of water
  • 5:00 Coffee should have finished drained


  • If drain time is too quick, use a coarser grind
  • If drain time is slow, use a finer grind
  • Here’s a grinder to help you with that
  • Wanna learn more about the Chemex? Check this out.

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