Coffee and science and ultimate frisbee.

Stuff you need

AeroPress + Filter
Water – 185F
Coffee- medium-fine ground
Scale – 20g coffee
Serving Vessel- sturdy cup or jar

How to brew it


  • Set filter in cap, rinse filter with hot water, pour water out
  • Place AeroPress on top of jar/cup
  • Add coffee to AeroPress, & tare scale
  • Start timer when ready


  • 2:30 Pour 50g water for bloom, stir a few times, & wait till 45 second mark
  • 1:45 Pour quickly till 275g water is reached, stir
  • 1:30 Place in plunger, press down a little, then pull up slightly to create a vacuum & keep the coffee from draining yet
  • 1:30 Pick up & swirl around gently to mix slurry
  • 1:00 Replace plunger, begin slowly pressing over vessel for 20-30 seconds
  • 0:00  You will hear a hissing noise when done


  • Add water to brewed cup if coffee is too strong
  • Increase coffee grounds if pressing over ice for a flash brew

Since you're here,
how about some coffee?