Doug Cole Roastmaster

Why do we do coffee? Because we love coffee and we love people! Because Coffee was started in North Georgia by six friends. Five who love coffee and one who pretty much hates coffee (we forgive him though…kinda). We are focused on leveraging our skills and interests to make a difference in causes that are bigger than we are. Coffee is always a part of how we get stuff done, so we had this great idea to roast our own coffee and create a new avenue to help others.

Doug first discovered specialty coffee at a street fair & he’s been a coffee geek ever since. He gets super excited about all the random stuff he finds and likes, and enjoys jamming on the guitar for his kids at bedtime each night.

His personal favs are mostly light roasts, but he enjoys any coffee that’s got some complexity (He’ll always drink any coffee that’s offered to him).

The Official BC Spotify Playlist

Eddie WilsonCoffee aficionado

Eddie turn ideas into reality (aka The Founder). He’s got an an unusual balance of big vision & compassion for people.

He enjoys making coffee origin trips & uses a smart mug in his office (he’s so fancy). Also, Eddie wears lots of hats. You can find out more online.

Eddie graduated from The Ohio State University School of Broadcasting with a degree in Broadcast Sales and Marketing. He studied marketing at Georgia Tech and business management at Emory University. He is now the President of Affinity Worldwide and speaks at business conferences across the country.

Matthew Coffee apprentice

Matt spends his days helping people get what they need (aka Client Relations). He likes his coffee black & takes lattes or straight. He’s the most even-keeled guy even thought he’s slightly OCD when he needs to be. While exploring the jungles of Honduras, Matt drank coffee that was picked, processed, & roasted at the home of the farmer- that’s when he first realized coffee blew his mind.

Things Matt enjoys
To hunt, fish, carve it up at Lake Lanier on his wakeboard.

Tim BCoffeeaholic

Tim is mostly kept in an office where he builds websites all week. He gets an hour of yard time each day and when he’s out he likes to hang out with his fam, coach basketball, teach, read books, drive his Jeep, cheer on Cleveland sports and drink coffee.

Tim always picks up new coffee wherever he goes & he always gets stopped by the TSA for having coffee in his luggage. Tim was saying “because coffee” long before Because Coffee was born. Tim is so OG.

TheLandBlessEm BrennanMountainBecauseBrennan

Mr. XCoffee convert

Mr. X was anti-coffee for many years. Growing up in a coffee desert he didn't have access to good coffee. He resented people who talked about their love for coffee. He vowed that when he grew up he would work hard to crush their coffee hopes and dreams.

But, Mr. X met Doug Cole. And a tiny bud of coffee love started to blossom. Mr. X's heart grew three times larger when he sipped his first cup of glorious Because Coffee. It was not enough to turn him into a believer but at least he doesn't try to crush our coffee hopes and dreams anymore. He's pretty much quiet on the subject of coffee and we take his silence for approval.

Here's a few facts that Mr. X has given to share...getting stuff done is my middle name. Also, I'm always good at delivering the goods in a really good way. If you care, I like to travel & vacation with family, play sports, help kids kill it on science projects. I take my coffee with too much cream and sugar. That is all.